The Band of Recent Future

5 June, 20.00 hrs

Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam

Come and join us on Friday the 5th of June for the opening of Tomorrow Never Knows at Arti where Frank Koolen & Kasper Jacobs present the next step in their ongoing project Play Curacao. A performance takes place from 20.00 - 20.30 hrs during the opening of the exhibition.

In the summer of 2014, Kasper Jacobs & Frank Koolen went to Curaçao for a residency at Instituto Buena Bista.In the three months of their stay, they looked at specific forms of leisure on the island. In a direct and dynamic but also uncanny way, they documented their findings in the film 'Play Curaçao'. As part of the exhibition in Arti they decided to shine a light on the special meeting with the local Curacao subculture 'The Band of Recent Future', from a historic, contemporary and futuristic perspective.



Artist Roi Alter (1980, Jaffa) brings a short DaDa story by Kurt Schwitters into the contemporary art scene. In the theatrical, musical and sculptural performance Franz Müller’s Wire Spring set design become characters and the audience becomes more and more part of the performance. Story, sound, image, actors and audience mix into the same story, which is presented in a circus arena.

15 & 16 May 2015
8 PM, Splendor Amsterdam

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Sunday March 8
3pm – 5pm
free entrance
Bijlmer Parktheater (Anton de Komplein 240, Amsterdam)

In a mix of film, performance, music and conversation, artists Kasper Jacobs and Frank Koolen present a full afternoon program around their experiences and observations on Curaçao during the summer months of 2014. The centerpiece of this afternoon is the screening of the film Play Curaçao: an intrusive, comical, alienating and colorful portrait of leisure on Curaçao; a vivacious document in which individuals and groups make us witness of their ideas on games, sports and rituals.

In collaboration with, amongst others, Mavis Carrilho, Nelson Carrilho, Runny Margarita, Maaike Gouwenberg and students of Instituto Buena Bista Curaçao.

From May through August 2014, Kasper Jacobs and Frank Koolen stayed at Curaçao at the residency of Instituto Buena Bista. They worked continuously on their collaborative project Play Curaçao, a project that keeps on developing in exhibitions, screenings and performances. At the base of the project lies the fundamental interest of both artists in constructions of rituals and games of different (sub)cultures. Games, social rituals and forms of leisure tell a lot about the state of culture, how culture developed and how it relates to its surroundings.


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Valentine's Day, Saturday February 14, 5pm—7pm
Poetic Series #4

with romantic readings by Liz Allan en Styrmir Orn Gudmundsson
and cocktails 

At San Serriffe, Amsterdam


PLAY CURACAO spin off in Amsterdam

MOM: maskers in de kunst van NU (MOM: masks in todays art)
Frank Koolen and Kasper Jacobs present the film Play Prophecy, as part of their larger project Play Curacao.  

From 10 January - 28 February at CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam
Opening 10 January, 16.30hrs

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first screening Play_Curacao


Poetic Series at NY Art Book Fair