Sunday March 8
3pm – 5pm
free entrance
Bijlmer Parktheater (Anton de Komplein 240, Amsterdam)

In a mix of film, performance, music and conversation, artists Kasper Jacobs and Frank Koolen present a full afternoon program around their experiences and observations on Curaçao during the summer months of 2014. The centerpiece of this afternoon is the screening of the film Play Curaçao: an intrusive, comical, alienating and colorful portrait of leisure on Curaçao; a vivacious document in which individuals and groups make us witness of their ideas on games, sports and rituals.

In collaboration with, amongst others, Mavis Carrilho, Nelson Carrilho, Runny Margarita, Maaike Gouwenberg and students of Instituto Buena Bista Curaçao.

From May through August 2014, Kasper Jacobs and Frank Koolen stayed at Curaçao at the residency of Instituto Buena Bista. They worked continuously on their collaborative project Play Curaçao, a project that keeps on developing in exhibitions, screenings and performances. At the base of the project lies the fundamental interest of both artists in constructions of rituals and games of different (sub)cultures. Games, social rituals and forms of leisure tell a lot about the state of culture, how culture developed and how it relates to its surroundings.


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