The First Summer Fest of Western Liberation

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The First Summer Fest of Western Liberation

June 3 – 5, 2016

Location: RÉUNION, Müllerstrasse 57, Zurich Date: June 3-5, 2016

Daily: 2PM - 1AM

Participating artists: Christoph Schifferli, Andrew Kerton, Antonio Grulli, Keren Cytter, Ravioli Me Away, Carlo Cannone, Maggie Lee, Cosima Grand, Marc Hofweber aka HOVE, Thomas Moor, Mathias Ringgenberg aka PRICE, Dafna Maimon & Hanne Lippard, Kerstin Cmelka, Sophie Jung and Pascal Sidler.

Artist Keren Cytter is returning to her former gallery location Elisabeth Kaufmann (Now Réunion) and initiates with Natalie Keppler and Andreas Wagner a summer festival for all forms of art.

The First Summer Fest of Western Liberation is formed for the non-glob-trotting crowd and the young people of Zurich. The festival goals are to expands the idea of contemporary art, art-space, art-event and time in general with Music performances by the all-girl jazzy, post-pop-punk band Ravioli Me Away, The theatrical music performer Mathias Ringgenberg aka PRICE and DJ Hove aka Marc Hofweber, among others.

The First Summer Fest of Western Liberation is a non-institutional art event that aims to present time-based art in a weekend of hard and light-hearted entertainment: From a curated library by Christoph Schifferli, to a Brunch based performance by Dafna Maimon and hanne Lippard, among others

The First Summer Fest of Western Liberation separates art from capital and delivers it to the general public in one weekend of relief with screenings by the talented Kerstin Cmelka and the New York It girl Maggie Lee.

The face of the festival and host is Robert Steinberger




2:00 - Library by Christoph Schifferli
During the day there will be a library with a selection of books from the collection of Christoph Schifferli. It creates a space, where you can linger, reed or relax. An ongoing privat collection of photographs, Schifferli takes of book covers he finds on his journeys, will be shown permanently as a kind of ever-growing digital archive.

4:00 Workshop by Andrew Kerton, Somanautics
A guided somatic exploration of the inner space of your body. Aiming to access those physical places you didn't know you'd forgotten to know. Through visualization, sense, touch and breath we will explore strategies for enhancing embodied awareness, as we move towards connecting internal and external spaces. Dress comfortably, be open.

5:30 Antonio Grulli, MANIFESTO FOR AN INSTITUTION AS A PLACE OF DISQUIET or an open conversation about the artwork considered as a form of terrorism
As an independent curator based in Bologna, Antonio Grulli´s critical writing and producing practice is recently focusing on informal and alternative projects such as round tables, lectures and dialogues to talk about art in a non-institutional way. He will be joining the First Summer Fest as a collaborator to create an open minded atmosphere and a place for subversive discussions about art and freedom.

7:00 Keren Cytter, Final countdown
As in many other films by Keren Cytter her new video is filmed in her direct environment, New York, in her own backyard and is dealing with social issues and interactions. In Final countdown she shows three Russian speaking young men and a woman in situations of different dependencies: prostitution, drugs, violence, friendship and family. But feelings or even murder does not affect the protagonists, they are emotionally detached from their roleplaying and their actions. They literally care about nothing. 

9:00 Ravioli Me Away
Ravioli Me Away is a collaborative project between the London based visual artist Alice Theobald, Sian Dorrer and Rosie Ridgeway. As a post-pop-punk girl band they will perform something in-between art performance and concert with costumes taken from all sub cultures.

10:30 Thomas Moor, ABSOLUT OK
Thomas Moor’s contribution ABSOLUT OK consists of a moving bar, that is appearing and disappearing at certain hours throughout the festival. The only drink served is a slight alteration of the Vodka Red Bull Longdrink, in which Absolut is served as the vodka, and the OK energy drink replaces the Red Bull. This bar is neither sponsored by Absolut Vodka nor by OK energy drink, but rather it’s interested to stress commercial aesthetic codes and marketing strategies at festivals in today’s event-oriented cultural and economic fields.

11:00 Bar & Music


2:00 - Library by Christoph Schifferli

4:00 Andrew Kerton, Performance, Filthy Percolator
(fragments in process)
Kerton is presenting recent discoveries in the language of the body and the body of language. A live three dimensional editing of word and movement, developing spatial rhythms and rhythmic spaces.

5:00 Maggie Lee, Mommy
Mommy is a digital collage by Maggie Lee, she made after her mother died unexpected. The film is made out of found footage of her private diaristic archive of old photographs, VHS recordings, and newspaper clippings.

7:00 Cosima Grand, CTRL-V (EP)
Based on Cosima Grand´s interest in the language of RAP she deconstructs songs and texts in its parts to sample and remix it to a new compilation of body language, words, movements, sounds and images. The performance is structured like an EP, divided into different tracks. How do the spoken words move the body of the performer? She is dealing with the relation between gesture and words, body and language, emotions and intellect.

9:30 Marc Hofweber aka HOVE
Marc Hofweber aka HOVE is a Zurich based DJ, producer and musician. HOVE’ s debut EP is full of fuzzy melodies fused with shimmering arpeggios and reduced cosmic beats. Produced at the Light of Other Days headquarters in the heart of Zurich, HOVE developed his sound out of various live-jams, which he recorded onto a Tascam Cassette Recorder. These recordings alongside numerous field recordings build the foundation of the EP «Journey to Arendal». Dusty, shuffling grooves meet woozy guitar chords while crystal clear synth melodies are paired with field recordings of rivers, birds or nocturnal city atmospheres.

11:30 Mathias Ringgenberg aka PRICE, Greatest Hits
As PRICE he will perform a version of Greatest Hits, which is the name of his debut pop album and performance concert (2015). The work deals with nostalgic feelings of existing lyrics and melodies, embodied in mechanisms of mainstream pop while attempting the potential of musical and performative formats to explore. He is always interested to expand his projects into collaborations with authors, musicians and designers.


00:30 Bar & Music



12:00 Dafna Maimon & Hanne Lippard, Kitchen con Fusion
The meeting point between lunch and breakfast is brunch, but what is the meeting point between brunch and performance? Brunchormance? Perfunch? Punch? Crumbs? 
Dafna Maimon and Hanne Leppard invite you to deconstruct brunch as a practice in the context of their respective artistic linearity, co-digesting whatever is put on the table with mind as well as mouth. Bring a healthy appetite, and we will bring you to the table.
Ps. All potential food allergies are taken into consideration, and used for their potential potential. 

4:00 Kerstin Cmelka, THE ANIMALS
Cmelka works in video, photography and performance. Based on theater, art and film she adapts and reenact pop cultural images. At the Festival she will show her newest film THE ANIMALS. As director and actress Kerstin is wandering through interiors on a heroic journey. She wants to prove her newly gained energy and involve with male acting coaches. „Acting is fighting!“ In THE ANIMALS the eccentric protagonists are challenged by their inner beast.

5:00 Sophie Jung, Word upon Word upon World upon Word upon Word upon World upon World upon Word upon Upon upon Upon word Upon word Upon world
Sophie Jung´s work revolves around the awe of unstable semiotics. Wobbly concepts are packed into words, objects or facial expressions. She is constructing a collage of images, text and objects. A sort of episodic lecture, which is orientated on images and things intertwining into terminology and grasping. A pre-formative poetry reading of collected texts, which never had been read out loud and performed in public before.

6:00 Pascal Sidler
Musical Live Set of composed Patterns.